The Infosys Oil and Gas practice offers solutions and services for real-time drilling operations management in diverse geological conditions. We collaborate with oilfield services companies and data product vendors to develop drilling and oil well completion data solutions.

Our web-based systems capture core and subsurface data, including wireline logging, logging while drilling (LWD), and measurement while drilling (MWD) data. Our interpretation systems and tools for drilling surveillance and offset analysis help experts analyze current events and historical data to take informed decisions in oil well planning, and risk mitigation at Real-time Operations Centers (RTOC) and oil rigs.

Infosys implements workflows related to wireline and drilling services, including signal processing and embedded systems, time to depth conversion, data visualization, and calibration. Our hierarchical data validation mechanism ensures data quality and integrity

Our expertise spans onshore / offshore drilling and engineering products.


Infosys drilling operations management services footprint

Drilling Operations Management

Challenges & Solutions

Comprehensive services spanning business consulting, systems integration, independent validation, and application management and support.

Experience includes drilling risk catalogs as well as complex navigation systems using LWD formation evaluation sensors in conjunction with directional data for landing the drilling assembly in the target zone and maintaining the well bore in the zone of maximum interest.

Collaboration with industry bodies such as Energistics to standardize methods for transferring drilling and oil well data.