The Infosys Oil and Gas practice improves fuel sales and enhances customer adoption and loyalty. Our oil and gas retail solutions, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and loyalty card management programs, drive the growth and profitability of fuel retailers

Infosys fuel card solutions offer value-added services including fuel transaction management and fuel consumption tracking services. The integration of the fuel card management program with enterprise systems provides end-to-end visibility. It also facilitates reporting, based on customer transactions and / or cardholders.

Our POS systems, loyalty programs, and analytics services maximize the lifetime value of customers through targeted marketing. Our IP tools identify opportunities for revenue growth and reduce the cost of marketing campaigns.

Our POS solutions support monetization of retail trends.


Infosys fuel sales management services footprint


Challenges & Solutions

The Infosys BrandEdge platform capitalizes on social media to deepen customer engagement, build communities, and enhance the user experience.

Rich experience in developing, implementing, and rolling out integrated POS systems for bulk sales of oil and gas products, including aviation fuel.

Team of professionals provides multi-lingual support for sales and customer experience management platforms.