The Infosys Oil and Gas practice combines consulting expertise with IT tools for end-to-end hydrocarbon information management. Our Hydrocarbon Accounting (HCA) solutions span field operations, volumetric and contractual allocation, contract pricing and valuation, revenue distribution, payment processing, taxation, and royalty management.

We help oil and gas enterprises capture near-real-time data across exploration, production, and distribution operations. A unified source of auditable data reduces the cost of data management and facilitates introduction of new assets. Moreover, reliable production reports help professionals take informed decisions for production planning, asset utilization, and financial management.

Our hydrocarbon accounting solutions ensure accurate allocation and ownership accounting, including payables, receivables, and joint venture accounting for shared resources. We also undertake gap-fit analysis and develop interfaces to implement third-party HCA products.

Our HCA solutions manage unscheduled deferments while mitigating business risks.


Infosys hydrocarbon accounting solutions footprint

Hydrocarbon Accounting and Production Services

Challenges & Solutions

Process-oriented approach to evaluate the existing hydrocarbon management process at the outset. It maximizes benefits from the HCA solution by optimizing the process prior to product selection or solution configuration.

The Infosys Value Realization Method (VRM™) identifies areas of improvement and quantifies benefits. We help oil and gas enterprises recover up to 1 percent of production revenue through precise allocation and cost accounting.

Infosys Hydrocarbon Management Center of Excellence backed by a large team of HCA consultants, intellectual property, and partnerships with product vendors.

Rich experience in implementing large projects using off-the-shelf HCA products such as Energy Components, P2 Energy Solutions, EnergySys, Avocet, and SAP PRA.