Being Resilient. That’s Live Enterprise.
Navigate your next in Oil and Gas


Your oil and gas enterprise needs to be rewired to become increasingly agile and responsive to shifts in business and technology, as well as unforeseen events. A digital-first enterprise pivots strategy and operations appropriately with enhanced visibility into the business landscape and enterprise ecosystem.

Infosys partners with oil, gas, petrochemical, and oil field services enterprises to develop a sentient enterprise that senses and responds to dynamic shifts. The upstream business accelerates discovery of hydrocarbons and optimizes ongoing drilling operations. The midstream business ensures predictability while undertaking proactive pipeline network maintenance. The downstream business ensures consistent ‘last mile’ outperformance.

Infosys helps oil and gas enterprises navigate the dynamic landscape and become more resilient with the Live Enterprise framework –

  • Accelerate migration to the cloud – Infosys helps oil and gas enterprises migrate legacy infrastructure, data and applications to the cloud. Our cloud ecosystem enables maximum availability and superior performance across the oil and gas value chain.
  • Ensure resilient IT operations – Infosys adopts a data-first approach to operational excellence. Noah Consulting, our niche data management energy company, combines domain expertise with proven methodologies to distill business insights from a huge volume of data. We safeguard oil and gas assets with holistic cybersecurity solutions and exception-based alarm systems.
  • Establish resilient business processes – Infosys creates synergies and streamlines workflows within and across upstream, midstream and downstream operations of oil and gas enterprises.
  • Enable remote learning at scale – Infosys transforms the oil and gas enterprise into a digital workplace with Wingspan, our mobile- and cloud-first learning platform. It enables customized training for the digital workforce, including geoscientists, geologists, reservoir engineers, rig and drilling operations managers, and quality control specialists.