Navigate your next in Oil and Gas


Your oil and gas enterprise has a business imperative: accelerate discovery of hydrocarbons, monetize assets, and streamline logistics and supply chain operations. You need a suite of global as well as point technology solutions to address these imperatives and explore new business opportunities.

Infosys partners with petrochemical plants, refineries and oil field services enterprises to navigate sustainable growth in a dynamic demand and price cycle environment. Our digital solutions ensure production optimization, clean fuel, and compliance with health and safety norms, while protecting investments in legacy assets.

Our offerings for the oil and gas industry are based on three principles –

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered core: provides decision support to mitigate risks as well as actionable insights to eliminate unplanned downtime, bottlenecks in process / workflow, and safety incidents.
  • Agile digital at scale: enhances performance and drives innovation by modernizing data, application and infrastructure platforms, and seamlessly connecting the enterprise with open API-based integration services.
  • Always-on learning: combines e-learning modules with design thinking workshops to enhance the skills of business and technical teams, including geoscientists, geologists, reservoir engineers, rig and drilling operations managers, and quality control specialists.

Infosys boosts enterprise productivity and agility by promoting self-service and open source components. We realize business outcomes by ensuring operational excellence across the value chain – from blending, asset maintenance and pigging to spot sales and disaster management.

Apply augmented reality for asset monitoring, virtual reality for reservoir management, and AI-based chatbots for retail services.

Leverage big data and machine learning for predictive insights to optimize exploration and production as well as refining and distribution.

Redefine upstream, midstream and downstream operations using automated surveillance, blockchain and data-in-a-box solutions.

Capitalize on data and maximize return on assets while ensuring compliance with regulations, multi-lateral agreements and internal policies.

Safeguard assets with advanced cyber security solutions and exception-based alarm systems.