The Infosys Oil and Gas practice meets your upstream data requirements – oil well, log, production, seismic, and surface. Our global delivery model delivers scalability, predictability of operations, and cost savings.

Our managed services transform upstream data management with quality frameworks, data security techniques, and metrics for incremental improvement.

Our process-centric approach simplifies upstream data management.


Infosys upstream data management footprint

  • Strategy
    • Define the data management strategy and implementation blueprint
    • Propose integrated solutions for on-demand information
    • Recommend processes and operational parameters for functional excellence
  • Product customization and implementation
    • Analyze business requirements
    • Evaluate off-the-shelf products, customize products / develop customized applications, and chart the integration road map
    • Provide product enhancement services for local business issues
  • Data loading and validation
    • Establish data loading processes based on products / applications / workflows
    • Load data to appropriate applications and validate data at multiple levels
    • Transform and enrich data for business decisions
    • Develop secure centers for data backup and retrieval
  • Data transfer and integration
    • Analyze source products and data
    • Select appropriate data transfer tools
    • Enhance / develop adapters for data transfer
    • Perform data migration, validate data, and deliver migrated data
  • Business intelligence (BI), data federation, and data warehousing (DW)

Challenges & Solutions

Center of Excellence (CoE): Our subject matter experts (SMEs) and technical professionals focus on state-of-the-art data services. Our team has rich experience in leading products, including ProSource, Finder, InnerLogix, Recall, Seabed, and OpenWorks.

Client-specific investment: We achieve business goals by investing in client-specific engagement training and software. We function as an extended enterprise by collaborating with third-party partners.

Alliances: We partner with industry bodies that define standards in data management:

  • Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association – We participate in the Business Rules Workgroup and train consultants in USA and India.
  • TIBCO OpenSpirit – Our Offshore Capability Center focuses on application integration in the OpenSpirit environment. We commercialized the OpenSpirit Adapter Factory and developed an OpenSpirit Adapter for Seabed.
  • Energistics – We created a BizTalk-based PRODML POC for well temperature data. We share knowledge at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) conferences as well as Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for PRODML and EnergyML.