The world is facing the generational challenge of transforming the entire energy system to create a sustainable net zero emissions future. And its needs bold, innovative technologies to bridge the gap between ambition and reality.

The Infosys Energy Innovation Center are our incubator for next-generation energy solutions. Designed to foster collaboration, openness, and speed to explore and scale solutions that address the hard problems of energy transition. At its heart is a community of practitioners and experts from Infosys, our partners, and the startup ecosystem, that are engaged in hypothesis building, problem solving and breakthrough offerings.

Infosys Living Labs


The Infosys Energy Innovation Center combine Living Labs and a Design Studio supported by our partners and a thriving startup ecosystem.

Infosys Living Labs is a testbench for smart R&D and new ways of working. The state-of-the-art infrastructure helps the energy industry innovate at scale using advanced technologies.

Infosys Design Studio enables energy companies to deliver disruptive solutions through rapid, iterative design cycles. Designers and developers collaborate in creative environments to quickly build and test new ideas.

The studio-as-a-service model offers end-to-end consulting, strategy, design, and production services — aimed at faster time to market.


How we can help

Infosys Energy Next Innovation Center combines Living Labs and a Design Studio flanked by the support from our partners and a thriving startup ecosystem