Infosys Energy Ecosystem Integration

Rapidly build customer-ready solutions of the future

We work with a diverse technology partner ecosystem to transform operating realities across the energy lifecycle. From delivering the next generation of digital solutions to exploring possibilities in emerging, smart and connected technologies, we offer holistic capabilities to nurture and realize breakthrough change.

Amazon Web Services

Our global strategic initiative with Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows enterprises to seamlessly transition to the cloud. We leverage AWS to host a suite of Infosys technologies that help clients adopt cloud-based systems securely. Infosys migrates legacy enterprise workloads, including mainframe and enterprise resource planning (ERP), to the AWS Cloud. Infosys leverages the AWS Cloud to enable analytics-as-a-service and help enterprises leverage their data assets for business growth and innovation.

Infosys Living Labs

PTC Inc.

For more than a decade, PTC and Infosys have collaborated to help manufacturers in a broad spectrum of industry verticals to design better products, ensure asset uptime, and drive continuous improvement, achieving cost reductions, greater speed to market, and increased profitability. Today, we are guiding Energy organizations globally towards Industry 4.0 and achieving double-digit business impact across the value chain. Our teams are making smart connected (and safe) operations a reality for Operators/Oil Field Services/EPCs, combining Infosys engineering expertise and track record of success in the energy sector with PTC’s IoT (Internet of Things) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies.

Software AG

Software AG and Infosys have been alliance partners for close to two decades now. We collaborate to offer world class solutions to support our clients on their business transformation journeys. Our solutions, products, and services, esp. in the Energy space, provide our clients with platforms to innovate, to increase operational efficiency, and, to accelerate energy transition journeys. We have successfully delivered hundreds of engagements together like automating procurement systems, outage management systems, work and asset management systems, etc. Our joint service offerings include solutions developed for our clients at Infosys Houston and London Digital Studios. This includes solutions like IoT-based remote water tank monitoring system as well as ideation workshops, hackathons, training and skill development.


Vantiq and Infosys have formed a partnership to enable rapid digital business transformation for enterprises across multiple industries. Vantiq’s agile​, full lifecycle development platform combined with Infosys’ deep domain expertise enables rapid development and deployment of real-time systems that can Sense, Analyze, and Act on events as they occur to leverage opportunity and avoid threats. When the environment and lives are at stake in high-risk industries such as energy, a real-time safety monitoring ​and response management system is crucial.  Our joint solution ingests streams of data from thousands of IoT devices and sensors to create real-time situational awareness and response to hazardous incidents that may occur for safety, sustainability​, and efficiency.