Smart IoT-enabled Remote Tank Monitoring

Ensuring a balance between economic viability, safety, and sustainability is a continuous effort for energy companies. More so as hydrocarbons and petrochemicals, while being crucial levers of the economy are also highly flammable products. Large energy companies have storage tanks across the world, and they receive and dispatch petrochemicals 24/7.

How should energy companies monitor and manage their oil and gas storage facilities so that they are always meeting their consumer’s needs?

Software AG and Infosys have developed a Smart IoT-enabled Remote Tank Monitoring Solution to do just this.

This Smart IoT-enabled Remote Tank Monitoring Solution enables energy companies to

  • Gain real-time insights into receipt, storage, and consumption patterns even though storage is distributed globally.
  • Access intelligence into on supply and demand, better understand their business risks and opportunities, and pursue tank capacity optimization strategies with consistent and reliable data.
  • Simplify and optimize the scheduling of terminals with visibility into inventory.
  • Take faster decisions to address product imbalances.

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