Enable Real-Time Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring with IoT

Pipeline efficiency is a significant challenge faced by the oil and gas industry today. In the article, ‘Building Automated Pipeline Corrosion Monitoring with AWS IoT Core’, Ashutosh Pateriya, AWS, Venkatesh Muthusami, Infosys, Sudharsan Chinnappan, Infosys and Kenneth Francis Dias, Infosys, explain how the automated IoT-based solution can help identify potential risks by constantly monitoring a pipeline network with sensors, analysing data and sending instant alerts through mobile and email.

A pipeline network forms the backbone for transportation in the oil and gas industry, and corrosion poses a significant threat. Current monitoring activities are labor-intensive as it is carried out manually onsite. An automated pipeline maintenance approach can help customers reduce operational expenditure with real time insights, enabling companies to avoid pipeline failures as soon as a breach occurs.

Learn how to build an end-to-end pipeline monitoring solution using sensors to collect, process and analyse data. Read the full article here.