Infosys Design Studio

Accelerate innovation and digitalization in the energy industry

Our Design Studio promotes innovation through:

  • Learning interventions such as ideation workshops, visualization engagements, hackathons, and Conversation to Creation (C2C) workshops to define disruptive value propositions
  • Design frameworks to assess user requirements, drive iterative evaluation / modification, and ensure user participation in the incubation process
  • Design thinking approach to resolve business challenges, identify opportunities, and explore innovation use cases
  • Agile and lean methodologies to navigate digital transformation and accelerate innovation
  • Contextualization of emerging technologies for business-driven innovation
  • Real-time collaboration between customers, end users, suppliers, startups, academia, independent software vendors, and a core team of Infosys domain, design and delivery experts
  • Robust governance model to manage innovation projects at scale and speed
Infosys Living Labs