An oil trading and supply company managing more than a million barrels of crude oil and refined products every day.

Key Challenges

The use of disparate tools and siloed applications across departments resulted in duplication of activities. In addition, incompatible data formats demanded significant effort for data reconciliation and conversion. The lack of real-time data and process inefficiencies further increased risk and credit exposure in global trade.

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Real-time decision support

Infosys developed a comprehensive system for physical oil and product trading, derivatives trading and risk management. Our solution supports forwards, swaps, Contract For Difference (CFD), futures, Over-The-Counter (OTC), and exchange traded options for hedging as well as speculative trading.

The Infosys team leveraged our Global Delivery Model (GDM) for the effective execution of the engagement - from business analysis to deployment. Our program management approach enabled parallel implementation of modules to comply with aggressive project timelines. It also helped address complex downstream application requirements without affecting upstream modules.

The trading system integrates front office (deal capture and contract management), middle office (credit control and risk management), and back office (inventory management, shipping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing, and profit and loss reporting) operations.

Our commodity trading solution provides real-time decision support, enables consistent reporting, and simplifies risk management.