NICTA teams up with Infosys for "innovation across borders"

NICTA, Australia's premier ICT research organization, and Infosys have signed a joint research collaboration agreement to tackle the hard technology problems facing businesses today.

The program is intended to include joint research, Ph.D. student internship and professional exchange programs, as well as commercialization of relevant intellectual property over the next five years.

NICTA teams up with Infosys for innovation across borders

Potential outcomes of the collaboration could see aging technology systems readily modernized for the cloud. Logistics departments could find faster, greener transport routes. 'Agile' techniques previously used for software development could be adapted to accelerate the definition and solution of business challenges.

At an announcement ceremony on February 13 at NICTA's 8th Techfest technology showcase, held at Parliament House in Canberra, N.R. Narayana Murthy, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Infosys said: "Innovation across borders is essential to accelerate the pace of world prosperity."

"Today I witnessed the signing of a landmark agreement with NICTA and the global software leader, Infosys," said The Hon Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia. "These announcements are a measure of NICTA’s ten-year journey to date and the qualities that have brought you so far: ambition, curiosity and a restless search for excellence," she added.

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