Infosys Recognized as the System Integrator Partner of the Year 2020 by MongoDB

Bengaluru - June 26, 2020: Infosys (NYSE: INFY) today announced that it has been recognized as the ‘System Integrator Partner of the Year 2020’ by MongoDB, the leading modern, general purpose data platform. The award highlighted Infosys’ ability to deliver MongoDB powered bold, innovative solutions for businesses and industries that help them succeed in the digital age. The award further attests Infosys’ scale, expertise, and technology to deliver application modernization programs at a global level.

Through its dedicated MongoDB lab and a large team of specialists, Infosys has built innovative accelerators such as:

  • Infosys Cloud Native Development Platform that allows clients to rapidly build microservices based architectures that use MongoDB
  • Infosys Data Services Suite for migrating large volumes of data from legacy RDBMS sources to MongoDB
  • Infosys Data Model Converter for accelerated MongoDB schema modelling

Additionally, Infosys and MongoDB have co-developed solutions for modernizing enterprise database landscape with accelerated migration to MongoDB, namely:

  • Mainframe offloading solution to help enterprises migrate their data off the mainframe on to MongoDB, and
  • Infosys Genome solution that leverages the power of next-generation analytics platforms and MongoDB to help clients monetize their data assets.

Having won the award for the fourth time in the last five years, this milestone underlines Infosys’ proven capability in helping large enterprises modernize their IT landscapes through highly scalable and performant solutions built on MongoDB.

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