Healthcare Digital Platforms Emerge as the Must Have Strategy for Over 90 Percent C-level Health Plan Executives: HFS Research-Infosys Study

Infosys and HFS Research, in collaboration, unveiled a report titled ‘Enable cloud-native and AI-powered healthcare digital platforms to manage rising costs, risks and demand’. The report underscores the role of healthcare digital platforms as a priority for health plans and providers to efficiently meet their business objectives. While IoT, Blockchain, and AI will play a significant role in digital platforms, the study shows that cloud has emerged as the must have technology to deliver the desired business outcomes.

The research findings suggest that modern digital platforms provide options that intrinsically mitigate business risks and facilitate faster and a cost-optimal implementation that allows the adoption of the pay-as-you-go model. This model will support health plan’s digital transformation without the need for large capital investments.

For the study, HFS Research and Infosys surveyed 100 C-level health plan executives across the US to learn about their key business objectives and evaluated a fit for a healthcare digital platform. The report draws emphasis on healthcare digital platforms becoming integral to customized healthcare solutions, to drive business outcomes through a modern and accelerated approach, thereby reducing the need for legacy core administration processing systems (CAPS).

The key insights from the study are as follows:

  • The top three business objectives for deploying healthcare digital platforms are reducing administrative costs, better risk and compliance management, and supporting increasing demand
  • Despite the business imperatives and enthusiasm for adoption, fewer than 50 percent of the digital initiatives have scaled
  • The key barriers to adopting digital platforms are tech debt, inability to develop a supporting business case and cultural change management.

A complimentary copy of the report can be accessed here: