Infosys Thought Leaders Publish Book on Creating ‘Practical Sustainability’ Model

Practical Sustainability offers a roadmap for delivering resilient sustainability initiatives for business, government and community leaders alike

Infosys thought leaders released a book titled Practical Sustainability: Circular Commerce, Smarter Spaces, and Happier Humans. Co-authored by Corey Glickman, Global Head of Sustainability for Infosys, and Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Global Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute, Practical Sustainability provides an in-depth journey to form a sustainable model from the ground up that can be replicated by large and small organizations alike. The focus is a practical approach to creating and connecting smart spaces, with significant results that can be replicated by others, whether a global enterprise, small company, or government entity.

Over the past two years, the pandemic has accelerated several megatrends already in motion – culminating in a $2.5 trillion market for smart buildings and cities. As a result of this accelerating market, the world is at the threshold of one of the greatest global business booms. From Google and Microsoft to niche startups, Practical Sustainability showcases the new Silicon Valley for the built world, and the roles required to deliver for people, planet and prosperity.

The triple bottom line has come of age, pairing environmental awareness with a global business boom. Glickman and Kavanaugh deliver a resilient code of sustainable initiatives that business leaders, practitioners and policymakers alike can use to create smart, ecofriendly spaces within their companies and communities.

The Infosys Knowledge Institute is made up of a global multi-disciplinary team of industry, technology, content production, and research experts. Led by Dallas-based vice president, Jeff Kavanaugh, the Institute collaborates with a wide range of Infosys subject matter experts as well as with external thought leaders to create compelling and insightful content.

More information on Practical Sustainability can be found here.