Infosys Wins 2022 ITSMA Marketing Excellence Gold Award for Infosys Cobalt for Strengthening and Differentiating the Brand

Infosys has won the 2022 Marketing Excellence Gold Award from Momentum - Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) for its flagship cloud brand, Infosys Cobalt. The award honors the best performance in marketing B2B services and solutions and highlights the most important dimensions of a strategic and collaborative approach to driving business growth. Infosys was awarded in the category of ‘Strengthening and Differentiating the Brand’ for establishing and nurturing Infosys Cobalt as a cloud technology services brand that brings the best of Infosys' services, solutions, and platforms for enterprises to accelerate their cloud journey.

Infosys Cobalt’s robust services, solutions, and platforms accelerate cloud-powered enterprise transformation, enabling enterprises to navigate from cloud chaos to clarity. It offers 35,000 cloud assets and over 300 industry cloud solution blueprints. Launched in August 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Infosys Cobalt focused on delivering the cloud’s full value potential by focusing on three key factors: business agility, scaled innovation, and secure ecosystem.

In January 2022, Infosys was recognized as the fastest-growing IT services brand in the world and among the top 25 fastest-growing brands across sectors globally. Infosys Cobalt has been instrumental in securing these recognitions. In just over a year, Infosys Cobalt became an industry-leading services, solutions, and platforms for enterprises to seamlessly and securely enhance their cloud journey. It reflects Infosys’ focus on nurturing market-relevant brands.

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