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Effective Agile drives a faster chance of growth by as much as 63% as measured by the Agile Index*

* The Agile Index refers to a firm’s holistic Agile capability, as measured by the effectiveness of 13 Agile levers. Learn about these in the research report.

Here are some of the behaviours we discovered. Watch now!


Agile levers are making all the difference!

1Using customer insights

2Organizing around the customer

3Collaborating across boundaries

4Instituting self-organized teams

5Upskilling through digital platforms

6Using Agile workspaces

7Collaboration platforms for remote working

What is your archetype?


The Agile Radar


Take the Agile Radar Experience now to find out where do you stand amongst the four archetypes!

Take the Agile Radar Experience Now!

About Agile Radar 2021

To better understand how companies can use Agile for superior business performance, Infosys surveyed 1000 business and IT executives across seven countries and seven industries, in December 2020. We found that Agile has now spread beyond the technology function, and that there are very specific Agile behaviors that are driving growth, business, and IT performance.

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