Infosys Partnership With Essent for Agile Application Development


Essent is a Dutch utility company present in the market for the last 10 years. Hardy Seinhorst, Information Manager B2C at Essent talks about the challenges faced by gas and energy companies in the Netherlands and the ever increasing customer demands in the region. He reckons that Essent’s relationship with Infosys will help Essent increase its ability to support the business in a very flexible way.

Hardy also points out that Essent’s main requirement from a partner was stable delivery and they found that in Infosys. Essent has implemented Agile methodologies for its projects and is looking at Infosys, with its vast experience in Agile, to help in making Essent more mature in its Agile development work.

He also recognizes the innovations at Infosys and is looking to work with Infosys to build knowledge for Essent employees. He also calls out the 'commitment' shown by Infosys as if they were a part of the Essent family.