A leading US bank tackles rising operational costs with automation

One of the top 15 leading banks in the US, the client offered a wide range of retail and commercial banking products as well as services to its customers. The client was seeing a considerable rise in the number of loan requests leading to a commensurate increase in the operational cost incurred in handling the request volumes.

Infosys helped the bank automate processes end to end, from use case identification and elaboration, development using BluePrism, and testing (QA); to monitoring the robots in order to provide the requisite support structure that could handle enhancements, upgrades and more. Automation deployment led to a decrease in the cost of operations by nearly 60% over a period of three years. Moreover, the effort to execute business processes reduced by at least 50% - 60%, as a result of accelerated business processes. Infosys has so far deployed 30+ bots and another 40+ are in the pipeline.