Team Infosys Displays Machine Learning based Programming Capabilities - Wins Bronze in the Google AI4code Competition

A team from Infosys has won a bronze medal at Google AI4Code - Understand Code in Python Notebooks . Of the 1,135 teams that participated from across the globe, the Infosys team was in the top 10%. This remarkable achievement showcases our expertise in transformer-based programming language models.

The competition is part of Google’s effort to bring together the developer community and explore new aspects where machine learning (ML) can assist software development. Launched in May 2022 by Google in partnership with X, the moonshot factory, the competition is conducted through Kaggle, an online community of data scientists and machine learning practitioners. Winners were announced in November 2022.

The competition required the participants to predict the relationship between code and comments in Python notebooks. The importance of understanding this connection between code and markdown is that it can lead to innovative advances in many facets of AI-aided development. This can include the creation of more effective data filtering and pre-processing systems for model training, or automated evaluations of a notebook’s readability.

The five-member team constituted by Likhith Prudhivi, Balaji A J, Varsha Jain and Kamalkumar Rathinasamy, along with an external consultant Balaguru Sivasambagupta, used the ML model (transformer programming language based) and performed splendidly.

This is our second win in the AI & ML based language model space in recent times. Infosys had won in the ‘Similar Language Translation Task’ category challenge organized by the 2020 World Machine Translation (WMT20).

These wins clearly define Infosys’ expertise in ML-based programming.

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