The automation-first era and its many implications

Shaji Kumar, Client Partner at Infosys and Chris Currier, Sr. Director, Service Delivery at CenturyLink join Rebecca Knight with co-interviewer Dave Vellante to discuss the automation-first era and its many implications. The interviewers touch upon a number of questions pertinent to the present technological landscape like:

  • How can companies ensure a real mindset shift in their employees in an automation-first era?
  • How immediate are the effects of automation for clients?
  • Is it easy justifying the return on investment achieved with automation to customers?
  • What effect does automation have on jobs? Are companies actually investing in reskilling their employees?
  • Where does Infosys see itself as a technology partner in helping customers navigate the various challenges of skilling their employees?

Access an in-depth discussion on these thought-provoking questions and more in this exclusive interview held at UiPath Forward Americas 2019.