Infosys’ Cognitive Email Workbench for AI-based Assisted Automation of responding to Email queries

Despite the emergence of self-service channels, the first port of call for customers and vendors with queries about transactions such as orders, invoices and payments is usually the contact center or company helpdesk. Staffed with human agents, contact centers incur high support costs and query resolutions are often inconsistent since these depend on the varying skills and availability of agent. This often leads to slow turnaround and dissatisfied stakeholders.

Infosys’ Cognitive Email Workbench solution combines intelligence from NLP based AI with Actions using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform to automate the steps required for fulfilment of email-based queries and service requests. It enables assisted and unassisted automation of email responses to customer, vendor queries in various business processes like order management, accounts payable delivering faster, and accurate and personalized email responses.

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