What are the risks associated with algorithms? Why is it important that organizations are responsible and ethical in the adoption of AI? How can a proactive approach be taken while managing risks?

Let’s explore that in this thought leadership series with experts from University College of London & Holistic AI.

Research paper on the move towards Responsible AI

The Digitalization of Waste Management for Circular Economy


Responsible Adoption of AI: A Cloud-centric Approach

Mitrankur Majumdar

Dr Adriano Koshiyama,
CEO, Holistic AI & Research fellow, University College of London

Mitrankur Majumdar

Nigel Kingsman,
AI Assurance Lead, Holistic AI

Mitrankur Majumdar

Emre Kazim,
COO, Holistic AI.

Mitrankur Majumdar

Ashok Panda,
VP, AI & Automation Delivery Head, Infosys

Emre Kazim in conversation with Infosys Knowledge Institute on Ethics in AI

The Digitization of Waste Management – It’s Now or Never


Understanding the Ethics of Algorithms, AI, and Automation with
Emre Kazim

Emre Kazim

Emre Kazim, COO, Holistic AI

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