Direct ChassisLink Inc. (DCLI) and Infosys explain the key five dimensions of successful RPA

Nicole White, Vice President – IT, Direct ChassisLink, Inc. shares her experience on how DCLI wanted to use technology to automate manual processes across multiple functions. DCLI wanted to pilot a successful proof of concept (POC) for automation – a problem faced by most organizations and with the help of Infosys as a partner, were they successful in not just piloting but scaling automation. Identifying the problem, and a problem that can be measured from a business outcome perspective is the stepping stone. Additional factors such as business and IT alignment, and process prioritization are equally crucial for success. Identifying the right automation tool and a partner to guide through the complete journey starting with problem identification to problem solving and executing the solution is important to achieve successful outcomes, that pave the way for scaling.

Watch the video as DCLI and Infosys talk about this journey, why UiPath was the chosen tool, learnings along the way, and best practices through the five key dimensions of a successful RPA that are of which, if organizations are cognizant, can they truly benefit and scale.