Transforming Manufacturing: With artificial intelligence (AI) and automation

As the manufacturing industry advances into its next phase of evolution, it has become pertinent for organizations to separate the hype from reality, to focus on a more methodical approach towards fostering the enterprise of the future with AI and Automation.

  • What are some of the key function areas in the manufacturing sector where AI and automation plays a major role?
  • What are the key success factors for automation initiatives?
  • How can organizations benefit from the interplay between AI and automation?

Download this paper to find answers to these questions and learn how your organization can drive efficiencies across business and IT functions with AI and automation.



Nanda Kumar K, Sales Lead – AI and Automation Services, Infosys Limited

Nanda leads the AI and Automation practice for manufacturing and automotive sectors in North America and is based out of Dallas, Texas. As part of Infosys AI and Automation Services, his team is helping clients recognize value across the automation adoption cycle. He has managed large business transformations across F&A, S&P, HR, ITSM and contact centers by partnering with UiPath, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism, PegaSystems, Microsoft Azure ML, IBM Watson, etc. Over the years, he has built a large repository of AI and RPA case studies that can be readily referenced for most business challenges. He holds an MBA from The University of Iowa and has over 16 years of experience across technology, consulting and business development.

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