Infosys Autonomous Store is a next-generation AI powered solution that modernizes retail stores and creates a seamless checkout-free shopping experience. Powered by deep learning-based computer vision models and hardware acceleration of high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU) computing, this solution augments the customer experience and automates activities like inventory management, planogram compliance, detecting shrinkage, store operations planning, etc.

AI-driven inventory replenishment and real-time cashier-less checkouts for a superior retail experience

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Infosys Autonomous Store leveraging Infosys Video Analytics

Build state-of-the-art stores at lower opex to give your customers an unmatched shopping experience with Infosys Autonomous Store

Infrastructure Planning


Customer identification:

  • Identifies the customer and creates a billing entry
  • Identifies using app/RFID card/magnetic card/mobile proximity/face recognition


Tracking items picked up and put back:

  • Uses on-shelf cameras and sensors to identify picked products and quantities
  • Detects items placed back on the shelf
  • Combines tracked customer data and picked items to update customer order billing

Customer trajectory tracking:

  • Tracks customers in the store using multiple cameras/proximity sensors/LiDARs
  • Can re-identify the customer in case of lost tracking


Exit detection:

  • Tracks customer exits
  • Determines the final items selected


Stock monitoring

  • Tracks stock levels and triggers restock alerts
  • Tracks missing products, incorrect placements, and planogram compliance
  • Updates all information in the inventory management system

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Autonomous Store eliminates long checkout lines and helps customers find items easily, thereby making the shopping journey completely seamless.

Our best-in-class AI solutions support planogram compliance, visual merchandizing, and store analytics to detect customer behavior. This helps retailers significantly improve customer satisfaction.

The solution is highly scalable and compatible with many hyperscalers and hardware accelerators. It can integrate with different downstream systems seamlessly. Our deep retail expertise, proficiency in emerging technologies, and rich ecosystem of partners allow us to build new sites and retrofit existing ones.

Embedded with next-gen computer vision capabilities, the solution can detect inventory shrinkage whether due to self-checkouts, changing storage spaces, shoplifting, or sweetheart deals. Our inventory monitoring capabilities can track and trace inventory in real-time and improve operational efficiencies.

Today, emerging technologies like computer vision, AR/VR, and edge analytics are driving experiential retailers to craft hyper-personalized buyer journeys for customers. Infosys Autonomous Store is built with these emerging technologies to help retailers offer their customers the best possible shopping experience.