NVIDIA’s invention of the GPU sparked the growth of the PC gaming market and has redefined AI, computer graphics, high-performance computing, and more for trillion-dollar industries such as transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing. NVIDIA offers a complete end-to-end robotics platform to enable development of modern AI robots. From data generation to simulation to app development to deployment, NVIDIA’s complete offering will help usher in the next wave of autonomous machines.


Infosys has entered an alliance with NVIDIA. Together, we offer a wide spread of functionalities and platforms which our clients can integrate without any changes and scale their enterprises.

AI is inherently very compute intensive and real time inferencing using AI models require high performing compute and specialized hardware. nVidia stack provides unique hardware acceleration techniques for the GPU infrastructure. When coupled with Infosys solution & services in application domains, the combination provides end to end differentiated offering for clients.


Infosys Autonomous Store Solution with NVIDIA Metropolis – to enable smarter retail

Infosys Language Neutralization Solution, leverages Infosys Cortex & NVIDIA Riva to power language neutralization capabilities, streamlining communication across industry domains

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