Manage & automate your conversational AI ecosystem using Infosys Conversational AI Suite

Infosys Conversational AI Suite brings a holistic approach to management of conversational AI elements by focusing on the complete life cycle of development – comprising of prototyping, designing, testing and analytical aspects. It builds on your existing technology investments, requires minimum change management, and bridges current gaps by augmenting your ecosystem with advanced toolsets.

Find out more about how we can help your organization scale and future-proof in their conversational AI journey.


Infosys Conversational AI Suite helps enterprises to rapidly create, train, test and deploy conversational AI interfaces, by managing the conversational lifecycle end to end.

  • Provides governance and structure to overall conversational ecosystem
  • Helps scale the solution within the organization
  • Comes with pre-built domain specific conversational interfaces like HR, ITSM, Procure assist
  • Covers all aspects of engagement – from consulting, to technology & services
  • Manages complete conversational AI life cycle, which includes prototyping, designing, testing and analytics command center
  • Seamless integration with Enterprise back-end systems and easy deployment both on cloud and on-premise environments
  • Integration with existing technology landscape

Conversational AI life cycle


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Conversational AI Suite offers a prototype builder module, which is a requirement gathering tool used to create configurations, conversation flows and production-like experiences that can be used to subsequently jump start chatbot development.

Infosys Conversational AI Suite helps the creators to export the initial protype configurations and provide a jump start to developers. With features like decision tree, FAQ extractor, knowledge ingestion etc., it can further empower the developers to create an impactful experience for end users.

Command center module provides the ability to monitor, analyze and derive insights at chatbot, user and session level. It provides all the useful insights about the application such as number of users, top bots and more, so that designers can use this information to improve their chatbots.

A testing module with preconfigured test cases to undertake model and unit testing. It can be leveraged for testing chatbots created on Infosys Conversational AI Suite and multiple platforms such as Amazon’s Lex, Google’s DialogFlow etc.