Stream based processing has become an integral component of modern event-driven application architecture, which lets information flow between applications, microservices and connected devices in a real-time manner as events occur throughout the business. Enterprises use streams for a range of use cases, from alarms on important metrics surpassing thresholds, to business transaction flow across systems, to machine learning algorithms for deriving deeper insights from data. The explosive growth of data from varied sources such as IoT sensors, application transactions, server logs, security logs, media streams, click-streams, etc. has increased the importance of technologies that enable real-time, scalable ingestion and processing of events and streams.

Infosys helps enterprise modernize business processes and applications using AWS streaming and messaging services, including application architecture, design, and implementation. Our offerings are powered by the Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform, a flagship solution part of Infosys Cobalt that simplifies and accelerates the modernization journey of an enterprise through hyper-automation across the application lifecycle.

We support leading managed streaming & messaging services from AWS, like:

  • Amazon Kinesis: streaming service that makes it easy to collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service: Queuing service for sending and receiving messages between systems
  • Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka: Apache Kafka service, including a serverless option, that frees users from setting up and managing Kafka clusters.
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service: Pub/sub messaging including SMS, email, and mobile push notifications.

Our offerings span the end-to-end modernization journey, including suitability analysis, application architecture, development, and deployment.

application modernization architecture journey

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform provides proven, ready to use reference architectures & best practices for adopting AWS streaming and messaging services, from service selection to application engineering & deployment.

Infosys Live Platform: Accelerating Modernization with Automation

  • Solution Sketches – Bootstrap architecture with ready-to-use solution sketches with built-in best practices based on well architected framework principles like security, cost, performance, reliability, and ease of operations.
  • Right Sizing – Optimally sizing and configuration of AWS services based on usage patterns.
  • DevSecOps – Accelerate deployment with ready-to-use Infrastructure-as-Code with AWS CloudFormation templates for provisioning resources and establishing cloud native DevSecOps pipelines.

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform application intelligence and reverse engineering capabilities enable system appreciation and documentation with limited SME involvement.

Built-in reference architectures and best practices help in arriving at the right architecture to address the business needs.

End-to-end automation including assessment, full-stack environment provisioning, and deployment backed with ready to use enterprise templates backed with security & reliability, reduces complexity, and improves time to market.