Cloud has matured from a nascent technology disruptor at the infrastructure layer to now being a core enabler for digital transformation and a catalyst for business innovation/reinvention for enterprises. For enterprises charting their path to recovery and growth in a post-pandemic environment as well as organizations that have been relatively unscathed, there is greater focus and drive for their organizational digital strategy to service their clients in a digital-native manner, while ensuring their distributed workforce is effective and independent of location. Furthermore, this needs to be done in such a way that does not compromise resiliency, security, and compliance.

Technology executives have the unenviable task of accelerating the maturity of their organization’s digital capabilities to support business agility and nimbleness while facing increased cost reduction pressures, which is a pervasive theme across enterprises in the post-pandemic environment. These imperatives place greater emphasis and the success hinges on the enterprise’s strategy for cloud adoption and deployment. Infosys Cloud Advisory services, part of Infosys Cobalt, help enterprises define their end-to-end cloud strategy and realization roadmap.

Cloud Business Strategy and Solution Design
Organizations are looking to accelerate their innovation pace by leveraging cloud. We help enterprises align their cloud strategy as a foundational component of their digital transformation. We help our clients drive the case for cloud by design thinking new business models and new business enabling capabilities that are enabled by cloud solutions. With our help, clients look to leverage new digital technologies like IoT, etc. to complement their business strategy. A case in point being helping a large bank in the South East Asia region reimagine their customer journey/onboarding process across retail products by leveraging Cloud PaaS solution.

Cloud Adoption Strategy
Adoption of cloud presents a wide spectrum of choices across hybrid/public/private, IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, and cloud-native/agnostic solutions. In addition, enterprises need to make critical decisions across business, technology, security, operations, and finance. We help our clients in this journey by building a cohesive Cloud Adoption Strategy that assess the overall enterprise portfolio, formulates the business case and develops roadmap for target platform capabilities and cloud adoption, in addition to aligning key stakeholders on strategic cloud priorities.

Cloud Organization and Operating Model
We help our clients drive change by designing an operating model that helps enterprises embrace the move to cloud. We help set up a Cloud CoE, define a roadmap for maturating Cloud CoE and the operating model. This typically encompasses addressing the three broad pillars across the Cloud Business Office, Cloud Technology Office, and Cloud Platform Engineering. We also view cloud security as something inherent in the operating model rather than something that is on the outside.

Cloud Economics and Financial Management
Controlling spend has overtaken security as the biggest challenge for corporations. Enterprises need a Cloud Finance Management framework that embraces the cloud paradigm and brings together perspectives from technology, finance, and the business. We help our clients build Cloud Finance Management competencies that will turn cloud from a cost center to a value driver. We also help create value maps that easily identify the areas of focus.

Cloud Transformation Office
Our integrated transformation approach helps clients drive their cloud adoption by incorporating an iterative approach to prioritize adoption, with focus on business engagement and readiness for adoption. Another aspect of transformation is also portability and continuous contestability to get the best value for our customers.

Our strategy, adoption roadmap, operation, and financial management models help enterprises realize the maximum potential of cloud adoption.

Cloud Business Strategy and Solution Design

Cloud Business Strategy and Solution Design

  • Business Model Transformation
  • New Products/ Services Design
  • New Business Enabling Capabilities
  • Niche Tech. to complement Business Strat.
Cloud Adoption and Platform Strategy

Cloud Adoption and Platform Strategy

  • Platform Strategy Capabilities/Architecture
  • Foundation Strategy
  • Migration Assessment and Roadmap
  • Cloud Native Adoption & DevSecOps
Cloud Operating Model Design

Cloud Operating Model Design

  • Target Operating Model
  • Cloud Center of Excellence
  • OCM & Workforce Transformation
  • Cloud Security and Compliance
Cloud Economics and Finance Management

Cloud Economics and Finance Management

  • Cloud Business Case & Economics
  • Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Cloud Tagging & Chargeback Strategy
  • Cloud Value Maps
Cloud Transformation Office

Cloud Transformation Office

  • Portfolio Management
  • LOB Engagement & Demand Mgmt.
  • Cloud Benefit Tracking & Reporting
  • Portability and Continuous Contestability

Challenges & Solutions

Our framework for enterprise-wide comprehensive discovery and cloud readiness assessment helps build a comprehensive business case. This framework also helps define a multi-year cloud journey roadmap including implementation schedule for cloud foundation, migration, and operations.

Reach out to us to learn how we helped a leading specialty insurance firm identify potential savings of ~$80M over 10 years with a payback period of 3.5 years while bringing to life the “cloud-first” technology transformation guiding principles.

We believe that having the right operating model and structure within an organization is key to successful delivery of any cloud initiative, more so to realize a comprehensive cloud strategy. The cloud operating model, including setting up of a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), will establish the standards and governance around product selection, financial justification and technological execution to enable cloud adoption in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Reach out to us to learn how we worked with a leading US automobile manufacturer in defining the right cloud operating model and setting up the CCoE to address the issues of cloud adoption by different LOBs in silos, which led to mushrooming of disparate cloud solutions, increasing IT complexity and risk profile, escalating costs and poor stakeholder experience. In addition to bringing a structure to cloud adoption and controlling the cost/risk profile, the client was also able to uplift the stakeholder experience manifold.

Early adopters of cloud look for reducing their spend as well as increase agility in delivery of transformation programs. While public cloud service providers certainly become a target landing zone in the organization’s cloud strategy, it is critical to consider the option of leveraging existing investments in data centers by re-architecting them to serve as the organization’s private cloud and the primary landing zone. With the right architecture, design, engineering and financial practices, the private cloud helps achieve the IT spend optimization goals faster and effectively.

Reach out to us to learn how we helped a leading US financial institution with developing a business case and architecting the private cloud setup as well as successfully migrating majority of their applications to the private cloud. The client will reap ongoing benefits from a fully automated private cloud solution with self-service and automated environment provisioning features.

Many organizations look to leverage cloud to increase the agility, security, and resilience of its business operations, while delivering cost savings, and introducing scalability and diversity to the commercial model. To drive innovation at scale, Infosys leverages the cloud-first capabilities of Infosys Cobalt – a set of services, solutions, and platforms built on the foundation that speed to market, innovation, and security are the ingredients for optimal cloud-led transformation.

Reach out to us to learn how Infosys partnered with one of the leading cloud service providers to accelerate the cloud transformation journey for the largest distributor of electricity on Australia’s east coast, to help establish them as a leading digital utility organization. We delivered this transformation program in a phased approach that included assessment, migration strategy, application migration, and building a cloud management platform combined with managed services. This program furthers the client’s vision to connect communities and empower lives with a focus on affordability, reliability, and sustainability, as well as optimizing the customer experience.