Enterprises face many challenges with traditional on-premise databases, such as scalability, high costs and restrictive long-term contracts. Cloud databases have become a top choice for digital transformation and modernization projects, as they are faster to set up, massively scalable, and support open standards, often needing little to no management.

Google Cloud offers fully managed database options for structured, unstructured and semi-structured data, with high availability, reliability, security and global scale.

Infosys Database Migration and Modernization Services on Google Cloud include:

  • Advisory and consulting services to create a migration and modernization roadmap
  • Homogeneous database migration to Cloud SQL
  • Proprietary database migration to open-source database engines on Cloud SQL or AlloyDB
  • Modernization of traditional RDBMS or build new future-ready systems with NoSQL databases like Firestore, BigTable, MongoDB Atlas and more

Infosys’ platform-based automation saves up to 40% effort


Using the database migration and modernization features of the Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform, we bring hyper-automation to every stage of the lifecycle. The platform provides an integrated workbench that can be used by multiple agile teams working in parallel and an integrated dashboard for program managers to get a live view of the progress made by each team. Platform features include:

Assessment – Evaluation of enterprise’s system landscape, identify migration goals, and develop a detailed plan to migrate and modernize systems.

Impact Analysis – Identify changes needed to make schema, data, and code compatible with the target database service. This drives the schedule and effort estimates for the actual migration.

NoSQL Data Modelling – Recommend best fit NoSQL schema based on application data access patterns.

Schema and Code Conversion – Automated and assisted conversion of schema and associated code (stored procedures, functions, packages, etc.) using Infosys ML-based conversion.

Data Migration – Seamlessly migrate large volumes of data, complementing Google Cloud services like Google Database Migration Service and Google Transfer Appliances.

Data and Regression Testing – Automate testing of outputs of procedures, functions, packages etc., reducing data testing effort and ensuring migration completeness and accuracy.

Data Masking - Enable testing with live data in lower environments without compromising security and privacy requirements.


Challenges & Solutions

We manage the complete lifecycle activities of database and data migration with end-to-end automation. Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform’s extreme automation enables parallel, rapid migrations by multiple agile pods, reducing the migration time.

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform uses ML-based conversion that goes beyond the usual conversions to provide automated code migration for complex cases.

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform helps right-size the infrastructure and automates environment provisioning using Infrastructure-as-code. The automated approach reduces the need for specialized skills.