Infosys EDGE services help enterprises benefit from next generation digital services with programmable edge compute, storage, containers and networks. Our service recasts the EDGE role from being just a service consumer to an agile platform equipped with local processing, insights, automation and security, thus transforming the branch edge to serve as a foundation for digital transformation.

Infosys brings a S.M.A.R.T Edge framework to deliver the edge services by utilizing existing investments and provide custom-built solutions that are rewarding to your business. Infosys S.M.A.R.T Edge helps to decentralize the data processing on the devices by deploying AI/ML solutions at the edges with containerized software defined compute and storage infrastructure, thereby delivering enhanced performance, low latency, reduced operating cost, enhanced security and compliance.

Infosys S.M.A.R.T Edge utilizes existing investments and provide custom-built solutions that are rewarding to your business

cloud based edge services
Infosys Intelligent Micro Datacenter

Infosys Intelligent Micro Datacenter

  • Containers, Kubernetes
  • Mobile Edge, Cloud Extended, Gateway

Infosys Smart WAN

  • Transport Agnostic
  • Application Aware
  • Flexible & Automated WAN Transport

Infosys Agile LAN

  • Unified Policy
  • Programmable &
  • Automated LAN Network

Infosys Smart Operations

  • AI/ML Operations
  • Extreme Automation
  • End to End Ownership


As a service solution for your branch office setup

Challenges & Solutions

We help enterprises align their business goals and technology requirements to create one vision. We perform zero-touch discovery of the current environment, understand pain points and conduct a gap analysis to identify and prioritize the edge capabilities that are relevant to our client’s requirements.

We design a purpose-fit edge IT solution with cloud, internet, and automation-first design principle to meet your business and technology goals. Enterprises can control costs and take advantage of the cloud offerings by using the internet over a fixed line. We automate the build process to enable lean operations and exercise better control over the quality and efficiency of services.

We deploy an implementation roadmap and integrated program management to bring various ecosystems of the edge solution to deliver on time and ensure quick value.