Human Capital Management (HCM) Overview

A motivated employee will always keep the customer delighted. Employees become more productive and loyal if their stated and unstated needs are met by the organization.

Infosys helps enterprises define their Human Capital Management strategy besides selecting and implementing the best-fit HCM product. We have a proven track record of delivering end-to-end digital transformation to enable your enterprise to engage and retain the best talent from a new generation of Digital Employees. Infosys’ innovative and unique metric-driven approach helps organizations increase their bottom line by making them agile and adaptive. Our flexible deployment models combined with HCM solutions which are powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics, enable us to help organizations of all sizes in their transformation journey.

Infosys: Experts in HCM Strategy, Solution Selection, and Implementation


Disruption in the HR paradigm with ever-changing workplace landscape, new-age workforce, and technological breakthroughs have forced enterprises to be more agile. Infosys helps enterprises make holistic and strategic decisions by leveraging cloud solutions, HR automation tools, and accelerators supported by service offerings.

Infosys has extensive HCM capabilities extending from process modernization, identification of the right product to implementation and support. HCM cloud products combined with our artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics capabilities reinvents the human experience to make it superior and meet business goals.

We partner with leading HCM providers like Oracle and SAP. We leverage these partnerships in addition to our product, domain and industry knowledge, and IP to ensure that our clients benefit from a clear Human Capital Management vision and a digital strategy to deliver outstanding experiences to their employees and gig workers.


Challenges & Solutions

With the advent of multi-generational global workforce, demographic shifts have altered the engagement needs of enterprises. Infosys HCM solution offerings enable working across time zones — anytime, anywhere, and on any device while addressing data security.

A heterogeneous and distributed workforce demands a flexible feedback mechanism with on the go capabilities and device compatibility. Our HCM offerings and capabilities bring intelligent systems to enterprises that cater to the needs of a diverse cultural workforce yet maintain a uniform global standard.

Leveraging creative agencies such as WONGDOODY, a human experience company powered by Infosys and Brilliant Basics, Infosys' customer-centric digital transformation studio along with Infosys Innovation Hubs we conceptualize the right user experience as per the available client IT landscape. We offer the most comprehensive solutions for user experience and focus on using one click features on platforms such as WhatsApp for transactions and mobile data analytics for faster decision making.