AWS Security Services Overview

Digital transformation has intensified across enterprises and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is one of the key enablers of the transformation. Digitalization across the value chain has expanded organization boundaries however lack of understanding of cyber security needs throws up significant challenges for an AWS cloud transformation journey:

  • Defining a comprehensive cloud strategy covering cloud IaaS, PaaS or container platforms and the on-premise infrastructure in the hybrid landscape
  • Implementation of effective governance with dynamic nature of cloud assets provisioning
  • Managing the effect of shared security responsibility model between enterprise and cloud service providers
  • Data Protection at rest, in transit and management of the encryption keys
  • Adherence to regulatory and compliance standards especially considering the regions of cloud service provider involved
  • Lack of understanding on AWS cloud’s native security capabilities and skilled resources
  • No visibility into Shadow IT & Shadow Data

Infosys provides comprehensive AWS cloud security services to overcome these challenges and ensure secure cloud adoption and migration journey for its clients. Infosys offers the following Cloud Security Services leveraging AWS solutions:

Cloud Infra Protection (CIP)
Infrastructure is the foundation of an enterprise’s cloud platform and to ensure its security from the threat actors, Infosys offers Cloud Infra Protection (CIP) services. The key components of this service include cloud perimeter security, workload protection, cloud vulnerability management and secure baselining of the infrastructure. This service offering leverages AWS solutions like AWS Network Firewall, AWS Shield, AWS GuradDuty, AWS Inspector, Security Hub, AWS Firewall Manager, AWS WAF, AWS Systems Manager, and more to provide the following services:

  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention System
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation
  • AWS Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)
Enterprises today are moving from traditional environments to cloud at an astonishing pace, leading to sensitive information being stored casually across multiple devices and servers. This has made identity the first line of defense in cloud environments. Infosys offers Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) service to manage identity life cycle and entitlement. Amazon Cognito, AWS Directory Service, AWS IAM, AWS Single Sign On solutions from AWS help us in effective delivery of the following services:

  • Managed Cloud Identity
  • Cloud Entitlement Management

Cloud Data Protection (CDP)
Data is the most valuable asset in today’s digital world and due to lack of physical controls in the cloud environment, data protection becomes indispensable for enterprises. Infosys Cloud Data Protection (CDP) service leverages AWS solutions such as Amazon Macie, AWS Key Management Service, AWS Cloud HSM, AWS Certificate Manager, AWS Secrets Manager to protect sensitive data in cloud both at rest and in motion.

Cloud Managed Detection & Response (CMDR)
Cybercrime has been on the rise lately. With sophisticated and complex versions of malware coming up, threat detection has become more difficult than ever. To overcome this challenge, Infosys offers Cloud Managed Detection & Response (CMDR) service which ensures round the clock Security Monitoring, Incident Management and Response thereby keeping cyber-attacks at bay. This service is complemented by AWS solutions like AWS Security Hub, AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail, AWS CloudWatch, Amazon GuardDuty deliver the following:

  • Monitor, Triage Security Events
  • 24/7 Incident Alerting and Response
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for AWS based Endpoints

Cloud Security Posture & Compliance Management (CSPCM)
Leading analysts suggest that maximum number of cyber-attacks in the cloud platform are due to misconfigurations. Infosys Cloud Security Posture & Compliance Management (CSPCM) service offers continuous improvement in the cloud security posture and compliance score to reduce the risk of exploitation because of cloud misconfigurations. This is supported by AWS Security Hub, AWS Artifact, AWS Control Tower, and AWS Config solutions from AWS to deliver the following services:

  • AWS Security Best Practices Monitoring
  • AWS Compliance Monitoring
  • AWS Resource Inventory Visibility

Cloud Security Automation (C-Auto)
Automation is the most talked about thing in the industry today. It offers benefits like accelerated digital journey and reduced human errors and total cost of ownership. Infosys offers Infra-as-a-Code, Policy-as-a-Code, Configuration Management, Automated Security and Compliance Management as part of the Cloud Security Automation (C-Auto) service.

Cloud Security Advisory Services
Infosys Cloud Security Advisory services help enterprises to securely navigate through their cloud transformation journey. We define the cloud security strategy, conduct security assessment and develop secure cloud architecture as part of our Cloud Security Advisory Services.

Secure Cloud Adoption with Effective Controls and Resilient Operations


Infosys delivers robust security services in partnership with AWS to enhance threat visibility and streamline threat management, accelerate time to remediation and have an effective compliance monitoring system.


Challenges & Solutions

Extensive cyber security domain knowledge, certified cloud security professionals, cloud security use case libraries, assessment frameworks, cloud control matrix & engineering assets help to appropriately define the cloud security responsibility matrix between tenant & cloud service provider

Infosys control matrix, blueprints and cloud security reference architecture enables enterprise customers to define the minimal viable cloud & foundational security with best practices which are based on deep experience and leading industry standards e.g. NIST, CIS, ISO27K1, CSA CCM

Infosys’ proprietary 4D approach supported by engineering expertise on cloud security solution delivers effective cloud governance to our clients. This is further strengthened by our strategic partnerships with leading cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud platforms.