DSCI & Infosys Whitepaper: Cloud Security Governance and Assurance

In the current context of rapid digitization, cloud has emerged as a key enabler for organizations across the board for adopting technology at a faster pace and reaping the benefits associated with the same. Be it enhanced productivity, or the ability to attain scalability of operations or drive innovative delivery of products and services, cloud has become an integral part of the overall digitization journey.

Enterprises should strive towards systematically dealing with the potential security & privacy threats to their cloud environments. There should be a continual attempt at adhering to sound security best practices and principles as this would pave the way for inculcating trust in the customers and consumers.

The fundamental intent and objective of this document is to establish best practices in the area of cloud security governance and assurance. Governing security affairs of your cloud environment is indeed a pristine task and warrants disciplined implementation. This would serve as a guidance document for enterprises that are looking to streamline their cloud security governance program and are endeavoring to make it effective and impactful.

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