Today, most of the enterprises are in a pre-cloud era and have started to adopt cloud native, apps and platform-centric approaches. We present the Infosys Polycloud Platform, which enables enterprises to build vendor-agnostic solutions across cloud providers without worrying about getting locked in, while providing the flexibility to port from one provider to another.

The Infosys Polycloud platform helps in instituting the culture of building and running applications in a cloud-agnostic way by facilitating portability across cloud providers.


The Infosys Polycloud platform comprises the Smart Catalog, Telemetry Hub and an overall governance and security framework providing a seamless experience for multiple personas. The platform has four distinct features:

Smart catalog: The platform offers a dynamic Decision Support Framework, enabling enterprises to pick the right set of services from the right cloud vendor(s) in tune with their business requirements. It helps reducing dependency on a specific cloud vendor.

Smart brokerage: Business requirements are constantly changing, and through smart brokerage, Infosys offers best-negotiated prices to our customers to pick relevant services from the cloud service providers continually. Enterprises are not bound to any cloud service vendor or pricing.

Developer empowerment: The platform empowers full stack developers by providing self-service models for provisioning, deployment and operation of services. Enterprises are provided with an intuitive portal to provision the services and avail the 360-degree dashboard to monitor end-to-end service operations. This enables enterprises to keep a check on any widespread outage or security vulnerability.

Governance: The platform has an embedded governance framework ensuring:

  • Security compliance to avoid security threats or flouting of security-related requirement
  • Financial governance to ensure operations do not exceed the allocated budgets
  • Technical governance to make certain that the authorized users consume the right set of services

Challenges & Solutions

The platform has Smart Catalog to handle various services

The platform makes recommendations to optimize costs by making use of predictive analytics

AI-powered Smart Brokerage recommends offerings based on keyed inputs, provisioned environment, persona requesting and application characteristics