Big Data – Banks need to mine this wealth to unlock growth


Banks are now getting smarter, agile, and more competitive with evolving trends in technology. Their investments are now directed towards big data platforms that provide powerful insights for enhanced operations, improved customer experiences, and minimum risks.

Read this article to understand how banks can optimize their investments in big data platforms to overcome challenges and drive enriched value and growth.

Subhradip Kar

Subhradip Kar is a Senior Principal Technology Architect based in the USA, focusing on the financial services industry. He leads our financial services architecture team in the USA for data and analytics. As a leader of the team, he works with multiple, financial services clients and advises them on strategy, roadmaps, solutions, and architectures related to big data, data management, data governance, and information management.

Arav Narasimhamurthy

Arav Narasimhamurthy is a Principal Technology Architect based in the USA, focusing primarily on financial services companies. Currently, he works with leading banks to build new-age and disruptive big data and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions to solve business-critical problems. Over the years, he has worked across North America, Europe, and India in implementing big data, data warehouse (DW), and business intelligence (BI) solutions. His extensive experience in solution architecting, roadmap definition, data governance, and information delivery plays an important role in solving complex challenges in the financial space.