Emerging role of Data and AI in Insurance Industry

Every Industry was disrupted on all fronts when pandemic hit the world, Insurance Industry was no exception. Some players have faced unprecedented losses, while some have emerged and leveraged the situation with help of certain best practices.

Watch Sunil Senan, SVP, Global Head of Data and Analytics Sales, Infosys in conversation with Kannan Amaresh, SVP, Global Head of Insurance, Infosys discussing on the topic ‘Emerging role of Data and AI in Insurance Industry’.

The discussion emphasizes on how pandemic has affected the Insurance industry, how Data and AI can play a role to stay ahead of the curve, and how can Infosys enable enterprises to enhance customer experience and open new doors of opportunities. The discussion also sheds light on how data and AI can be embedded in the core of the Insurance industry which primarily functions with help of various customer representatives, agents etc.

We have formulated Industry specific Data and AI solutions which addresses the above pain-points and other key aspects which drive Insurance Industry.

Watch the full video: