Enterprise of the Future : Infosys Data and Analytics

Enterprises today are striving to become data-driven to enable informed-decision making. The data play is now changing from insights to now being a pivot for transformation and digital acceleration Evolution of data with the three horizons driven by new data play with technologies and shifts will define the future of different industries. The enterprise of the Future is an evolving enterprise where data is at the core of its functions, it will be hyper digital and hyper connected, autonomous with a symbiotic ecosystem. And the foundation of this enterprise of future will be underpinned by next generation of technologies like Cloud, AI, IOT and 5G.

This future has already begun. At Infosys, we are charting the course to new data horizons across industries. We have always made your Data do more, its time we redefine what Data can do. The possibilities are limitless and the Next begins now.

Please watch the video to know more: