Redefining the 5Ps in marketing with next-gen data analytics to transform your businesses


The retail industry is calibrating an ideal mix of the 5 Ps of marketing with the new generation Data analytics. Advanced analytics and forecasting techniques, applied in a sustainable model & fortified in organization culture, can enable enterprises to swiftly respond to dynamic market changes and customer preferences, and stay relevant. These “5 Ps” of marketing are still incredibly relevant for data scientists and can be even more powerful with the right application of analytics.

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Opinder Sardana is the associate vice president - managing client partner - consumer retail logistics, at Infosys.

About Opinder Sardana

Opinder is a seasoned executive with eighteen years of combined consulting & industry experience in digital & integrated marketing, pricing strategy & execution, and technology transformation at Fortune 500 companies in Consumer Goods, Health, Retail, and Technology verticals.

At Infosys, as Associate Vice President, Opinder leads strategic northeast region Consumer Goods & Retail clients. He is responsible for bringing in contextual thought leadership and enabling our clients to grow via his industry experiences, Infosys innovation, and transformation capabilities. In the last five years, he has successfully built multiple Fortune 500 strategic partnerships by helping them accelerate topline growth, automation led operational transformation, and technology cost reduction.