Sunil Senan and Chris Degnan Cube Interview, Snowflake Summit 2022

Sunil Senan, SVP Data & Analytics Service Offering Head, Infosys, & Chris Degnan, CRO, Snowflake, sit down with Lisa Martin & Dave Vellante at Snowflake Summit 2022 and discuss Infosys and Snowflake collaboration and how its enabling clients accelerate their cloud journey.

This session emphasizes on the challenges faced by enterprises in implementing AI on cloud and how Snowflake and Infosys are resolving them and enabling clients to achieve their business outcomes. Sunil talks about Infosys data economy and collaboration with Snowflake on Industry clouds for Retail and Healthcare industries.

Chris Degnan also mentions our joint customers and how we have resolved their pain points to catalyze their Digital transformation journey.

Watch the video Here: