In today’s connected world, to differentiate and compete, leading organizations are generating opportunities by leveraging cutting-edge analytics. Regardless of where you are in your data and analytics journey, we can partner with you to help you derive this value from your data at an industrialized scale with ensured adoption.

Infosys provides services covering the whole spectrum of Analytics work done in an organization, from Insights and Modeling to AI and ML. We also enable mining of value, through embedding analytics in the enterprise’s processes and systems. Through technology and consulting, we ensure the adoption of scientific decision- making across the enterprise, rather than in pockets / silos.

Service Offerings

Advisory Services

  • Maturity assessment
  • Strategic roadmap definition
  • Governance setup
  • Domain and |technical consultancy
  • Setup and operationalize analytics CDE
  • Maturity assessment report
  • Service catalog
  • Roadmap document

Rapid Insights

  • Business Context Mapping
  • Exploratory data analysis | plot, tabulate, summarize data
  • Root cause analysis
  • KPIs and trends by key slices
  • Adjusting performance by known factors and benchmarking
  • Presenting insights to business via data-driven narratives
  • Reporting dashboards, cubes with key metrics and drilldowns
  • Annotated graphics of metrics
  • Analysis summary on past events
  • Variance analysis and alerts
  • Discovery of unusual platforms

Predictive Modeling

  • Business care elucidation
  • Quantitative problem definition
  • Data mining/feature engineering
  • Algorithm selection
  • Model training/learning
  • Model performance assessment
  • Technical model report
  • Model specification
  • Model performance and business impact measurement
  • Boundaries of model applicability
  • Model deployment

Model Support and Enrichment

  • Production support for deployed models
  • Model performance assessment
  • Model (Re) calibration
  • Functional model validation (domain)
  • Model migration and upgrades
  • Existing model diagnostics report
  • New model validation summary
  • Domain specific recommendations
  • Acceptability per regulatory and compliance norms

Prescriptive Analytics/ Decision | Science

  • Experimental design [A/B testing]
  • Hierarchical and ensemble methods
  • Constrained optimization
  • Automated what-if analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis for robustness
  • Technical model report
  • Optimal decisioning strategy
  • Model performance
  • Boundaries of model applicability
  • Model deployment

Artificial intelligence

  • Recommendation engine, document clustering
  • Text mining, sentiment analysis
  • Topic models, named entity recognition
  • Image, video, and speech analysis
  • Anomaly/intrusion/threat detection
  • Dynamic n/w analysis
  • Technical model report
  • Solution performance for key facets
  • Boundaries of solution applicability
  • Solution deployment

We build and nurture Data Science capabilities that meet the different varieties of analytics needs of our clients:

Infosys Analytics Offering

These offerings are delivered in engagements in many forms:

  • Micro-Apps for solving small scale analytics problems
  • Platform based approach for enterprise wide analytics
  • Cloud based analytics models or insights as a service with help of Infosys cobalt
  • Regular operational analytics, provided as Insights services
  • Regular operational analytics, productionized, provided as self-service
  • Complex, strategic analysis conducted at depth

Infosys approaches analytics as an integral part of business process and technology systems. This holistic approach provides maximum value to our clients.

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Infosys Analytics Offering

In our analytics engagements, we combine our extensive Business/Domain Knowledge, Data Science and Technical Experience to solve business problems and realize assured benefits.

We ensure Execution Excellence in each one of our engagements through the adoption of our Data Science Life Cycle (DSLC) methodology, backed by a library of reusable templates, checklists and artifacts, to enable consistent delivery quality.

We have forged deep partnerships by working seamlessly with industry leading Data and Analytics products, niche players and ecosystem vendors.


Challenges & Solutions

Businesses must make analytics pervasive.

Infosys Advanced Analytics Consulting Services help enterprises define and drive new business strategies and outcomes. Our key services include:

  • Assess maturity and define strategic analytics roadmap
  • Setup and operationalize analytics center of excellence

Infosys Advanced Analytics Implementation Services provide Data Science skills for diverse analytics needs

  • Senior Data Scientists with deep experience and close association with the innovation ecosystem
  • Data Science teams with vast industry exposure and domain expertise along with statistical and mathematical know how
  • Data engineering and technology experts with skills in data tagging, blending, wrangling, model creation and iteration

Our solution offerings, data platforms and reusable models can enable this for business users:

  • Infosys Analytics Workbench
  • Infosys Genome Solution
  • Infosys NIA | Data