AWS cloud capabilities with Infosys Topaz AI-first approach

Infosys, a Premier Global SI Partner of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN), enables enterprises to unlock new business possibilities with Data analytics and AI.

We leverage AWS’s Cloud Platform Services to provide a variety of specialized service offerings covering Data Migration & Modernization, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Big Data and IoT solutions and Data Governance & Security to name a few.

Infosys leads the Generative AI transformation with Infosys Topaz, infusing intelligence and autonomy into enterprises, and Infosys Cobalt, redefining digital transformation with agile, efficient processes. With this powerful combination, Infosys is uniquely positioned as a partner to help enterprises navigate and realize their cloud-powered, AI-first transformation.

Our approach integrates data and AI, to build insights-led capability for efficient scaled execution, empower the ecosystem by democratizing access to intelligence, and leverage insights and AI to create revenue-generating opportunities.

Our AWS Industry specific AI Cloud Offerings enable intelligence and autonomous capabilities to accelerate business value. These offerings use generative AI technologies to build connected ecosystems, unlock efficiencies at scale and accelerate growth.


How we can help

Being AI-first with Infosys Topaz and AWS

Data and AI Strategy

Data and AI Strategy

We strongly believe that AI will create a sustained business value on the foundation of digital and cloud transformations. We leverage data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer innovative solutions in the areas of automation, digital transformation and enhancing customer experience.

Modernization and Transformation Services

Modernization and Transformation Services

Our approach for modernization involves migration with optimization combined with establishing the digital data & AI foundation for enabling new capabilities.

Data and AI Estate

Data and AI Estate

As enterprises embark on this digital transformation journey, modernizing and managing Data &AI @Scale that Unlocks efficiencies is critical for enterprises to learn from data and network of partners and seed enterprise AI foundation that empowers business to drive growth and adopt new business models. Infosys Autonomous Data & AI Estate is a fully managed service that leverages AI across the data and AI engineering lifecycle to navigate from “High Touch” engineering process to a “Touch [Less]” process to manage Data & AI @Scale.

Our Offerings

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