Enterprises today are looking for the ability to build and operate their own connected data ecosystems, create new data-powered offerings and revenue models, while managing cloud consumption efficiently.

Infosys & Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, can help enterprises achieve this with transformational solutions, built on Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Enable a data economy for enterprises, enable industry and business solutions and managed cloud consumption solutions from the Infosys Cobalt portfolio.


Our Vision

Democratization of data assets internally and externally for an organization and industries

Democratization of data assets internally and externally for an organization and industries

Creating a differentiated Data Economy Model and reducing data travel time

Creating a differentiated Data Economy Model and reducing data travel time

Creating data fabric across cloud platforms

Creating data fabric across cloud platforms

Supporting scalable Data Applications, Business Platforms increasing business adoption

Supporting scalable Data Applications, Business Platforms increasing business adoption


Protect Competitive Positioning

Advisory | Expertise

Trusted advisor to provide critical differentiation inputs to position the solution accurately


Skill and Experience for Blueprinting

Security + Cost + Performance

Provide crucial inputs on appropriate solution architecture, integration with ecosystem such as for security, devops, etc.


Efficient and Accelerated Migration

Factory Tools + Process

Factory based delivery model bringing the right set of tools that work from us and other partners to accelerate migration and cutover seamlessly


Accelerate Adoption

Drive Topline and Business Value Realization

Drive Industry Solutions based on Snowflake to accelerate adoption and to plug additional capabilities in Analytics/AI/ML/Data


Optimal Operations

Workload Predictability : Margin Improvement

Governance that elevate the platform’s capabilities.Managed Operations services including MSP option for Snowflake

Fig. 1- Snowflake and Infosys capabilities enabling transformation at enterprises

Infosys & Snowflake Joint Offerings

Our offerings leverage synergies of Snowflake and Infosys to provide best of the breed solutions to customer. Snowflake capabilities such as Data Marketplace and superior database engine combines with vast experience of Infosys’ industry solution and life cycle AI/ML solutions with rich library of industry models that enable end user with consumable solutions.


Our offerings

  • Infosys Data Economy
  • Infosys Industry and Business Solutions
  • Infosys Managed Consumption Solutions
  • Life Sciences Commercial Insights Solution

Opens new possibilities for businesses to connect unconnected data, across industry boundaries, while monetizing their own data to draw richer actionable business insights, explore new business models, build new solutions and create connected customer experience. A strong and secure data exchange platform is critical to drive a rich connected eco-system for data providers and consumers, analytics, and insight providers. This ensures enterprises to experiment with new business models, deliver connected customer experience etc. Snowflake and Infosys can enable secure data exchange with strong yet flexible processes for operations ranging from data consumption to monetization.

Will bring together a growing portfolio of ready-to-launch, cloud-first applications with an ecosystem of data intelligence partners to unlock value across siloed data lifecycles and transform processes and functions for enterprises across industry verticals. Infosys will also partner with enterprises to co-create new solutions that combine the power of AI, cloud and data analytics and amplify the value of their business investments on Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

Enables governance and cost management capabilities that enterprises need to maximize the efficiency of consumption on Snowflake. This can significantly lower the TCO, improve ROI and enable enterprises to realize value faster.

Infosys Life Sciences Commercial Insights platform is cloud based AI & Data Platform to provide “single version of truth”, it enables enterprises for seamless brand launches and empowers the sales and marketing teams with real-time actionable insights. This platform also focuses on improving the outcomes of better treatment for patients and provides commercial Analytics teams with precision metrics to increase revenue at reduced cost. This comprehensive suite of persona based modular solutions drives business outcomes and can be implemented as small data products or as an overall platform across the enterprise.

Accelerate your Data on Cloud journey with Snowflake & Infosys


Our digital solutions, frameworks and knowledge base across different industry verticals can help address a variety of business problems. Our robust solutions on Snowflake platform will help accelerate Snowflake adoption in a seamless manner.

We enable seamless connected data ecosystem right from strategy, consulting to architecture, design, implementation, and business adoption. We have partnerships with cloud providers such as AWS, AZURE and GCP along with Elite partnership with Snowflake.

We understand the challenges in migration and cloud adoption and have developed robust and proven frameworks to enable seamless migration of customers to Snowflake’s Data cloud.

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Challenges & Solutions

Some of the solutions that significantly aid in the migration journey and adoption are:

Infosys Hexangulate framework helps on cloud strategy definition based on an evaluation framework based on enterprise needs vs cloud capabilities, that reduces time and effort significantly.

Infosys Spartan framework is a migration assessment framework which helps on accelerated migration approach through asset rationalization and categorization of assets-based business/technical/platform capabilities to define migration approach and roadmap.

Infosys Data Wizard is a comprehensive solution to automate database object conversion, data migration, code conversion and data certification to Snowflake platform from on-premise database platforms. (Ex: Teradata, Oracle etc.)

Infosys Information Grid is a next gen data ingestion and transformation framework built specifically for cloud journey based on cloud native technologies following the principles of metadata driven and templatized ingestion.

Our partnerships with Bladebridge, Mobilize, Prophesy etc help cater to a variety of migration scenarios.

In today’s digital economy Data is the new oil. As enterprise systems grow in complexity, data is expanding rapidly from on-premise systems, cloud systems, clickstream data, social media and 3rd party data aggregators. Enterprises today need to have the ability to build and operate their own connected data ecosystems, create new data-powered offerings and revenue models, while managing cloud consumption efficiently.

We help in defining a monetization strategy for clients based vast industry experience across verticals.

We can enable Data Exchange across and within the organization effectively based on industry expertise and onboard more data vendors to the Market place. Data Exchange offering built on Snowflake will enable different parties to share information securely and effectively.

We help customers setup the operational tracking and monetization of all the assets and the different subscribers consuming the data.

Our assets like Data Governance and Data Café will compound benefits on top of Data Exchange.

We help in connecting various partners together through data exchanges, onboarding to data marketplace and sharing the insights and monetization

Combined with high performance, streaming data support, low cost storage, unlimited scalability, agile provisioning and virtual warehouses to enable workload management at optimal cost, Snowflake Cloud DW is key to enable modernization of legacy on premise warehouse. Consumption can easily spiral out of control if proper governance and checks are not adopted.

Infosys Data Estate Management Solution is a comprehensive solution developed to manage consumption with frameworks to assess, monitor and manage consumption and ML driven framework to predict and optimize consumption across the enterprise.