We are witnessing changing enterprise data platform needs due to exponential growth in the size of data to be processed, the need for real-time data processing, data in various structures and formats, an amalgamation of traditional BI and big data systems. These phenomena demand a completely new enterprise platform which is scalable, dynamic, data formats agnostic, quick to deploy and extremely cost efficient for the build as well as operations. Infosys Data and Analytics caters to this need via a focused Data Operations offering. An automation and innovation-driven approach will bring radical improvement to the way platforms are designed, built and supported.

Infosys Data Operations enables building a NexGen platform that caters to various data formats (structured, semi-structured & unstructured), with the right set of tools and technologies while managing the platform efficiently with low cost of ownership.

Data Operations Service Offerings

Data Operations Service Offerings

    Design Services

  • Infrastructure Consulting: Choosing the right Infra for the right platform, with virtualization and reference Hardware configurations
  • BI/Big Data Consulting: Assessment of the BI/BD roadmap with consulting regarding selecting the right BI stack / Hadoop distribution for organization needs

    Build-Engineering Services

  • Build: Design and build of the platform according to reference architecture, suitable for organization needs, including guidance on the tools and process setup
  • Security setup: Setting up appropriate security levels in accordance with organization controls and governance policies
  • Capacity Planning: Initial sizing and on-going utilization trend monitoring for capacity changes

    Operate – Managed/Shared Services

  • Managed Services: End to end operations management for the entire BI / BD platforms
  • Shared Services: Setting up a shared services team to support full stack BI / BD platforms (Ingestion/ETL – Data Stores – Reporting/Visualization)
  • Environment Management: Minor and Major upgrades, patching, failover/DR services
  • ITIL based support models
  • Continuous Automation

What so platform Services provide

Data Operations Service Offerings

Our Differentiators

Below are some of our key differentiators that help provide optimal Platform services

Data Operations Service Offerings

    Infosys Command Center (ICC)

  • Single web Interface to Manage, Monitor and Control a multi distribution , multi cluster environment
  • Infra Health and Performance Monitoring consolidated in single console
  • Cluster and Node Provisioning
  • Actionable Interfaces Command Center
  • Continuous Integration (Dev Ops)

    Infosys Data Operations Workbench (IDW)

  • Splunk based Operational intelligence platform
  • Real time dashboards for key statistics to identify hazards
  • Data Ingestion Monitoring based on metadata
  • Integration with ticketing tool to help in incident management
  • User Activity for cluster access and operations

    Data Strategy & Diagnostics (DSD)

  • Data Strategy to distribute data to commodity and enhance system performance
  • Data Diagnostics to discover data trends and alarm for system health
  • Integration with Big data migration

Our best Data Operations services are driven by these key facets:

  • Operational Efficiency: Leveraging our key differentiators and solutions enables pre-empting the platform environment issues, thereby ensuring higher availability of IT assets, coupled with ITIL based support model to implement best operations practices and processes.
  • Automation: focus on automation for platform data operations, for improved productivity of support personnel and minimized potential of human errors.
  • SSS (Secure, Scalable, Stable) Platforms: By leveraging best practices and experiences from multiple Data Platform setup engagements, Infosys enables the creation of very secure platforms that can scale up to the increasing workload demands with help of Infosys cobalt while providing maximum availability for a stable environment.
  • Cost Optimization: Identifying the optimum infra setup for CapEx optimization, combined with leveraging Infosys tools and solutions, and a diligent focus on operational efficiencies and automation to bring in Opex benefits improves overall platform costs.

Infosys offers solutions to build and manage Enterprise Data Platform, end to end from Infra to Application.


End to End Enterprise Data Platform

  • Infrastructure: These services are mainly for assessing various platforms and recommending the best one in the market, and also for the provisioning of hardware and infrastructure support.
  • Advisory: Architecture and consulting services for platform and application build and setup.
  • Commissioning, On-boarding and Decommissioning: These services are about provisioning, platform setup, security, tools and processes.
  • Run and Operate services: Monitoring, administration and support of big data platform and applications are part of these services.

Significant cost optimizations in Data Platform Operations

By leveraging ICC and IDW for Platform monitoring and Data Ingestion, we reduce manual effort considerably and yield better YoY effort reduction. Extreme automations in all life cycle stages of Data Operations will reduce cost, and also redirect the effort in development and Devops.

Data Platform centric solutions and frameworks for Automation and Predictability

Customized Platform as a Service model

SSS (Secure, Scalable, Stable) Data Platform


Challenges & Solutions

Hadoop as a Service (HaaS) provides option to customer to choose from various services including Infrastructure, Advisory, On-boarding, Run and Operate services, to enable faster time to Market, and less TCO, along with Engineering solutions and Automations implemented across the life cycle to cater to business need.

A Pioneered and proven solution for scalability with minimal impact to business; Big data Platform Scale is achieved by implementing Engineering solutions in Platform expansion, Shrinks and upgrades with the aid of extreme automations in Platform monitoring and maintenance.

Implemented Shared Services operating model with cross-skilled common teams, supporting multiple technologies and LoBs, which resulted in considerable reduction of resource cost, enhanced support coverage and improved SLAs.