Scaling Analytics is a challenge that most of the enterprises face today, due to the explosion of data in the digital age. This is compounded by a plethora of internal and external data sources, which lead to 80% of the data science life cycle being spent on data acquisition and preparation, rather than on core data science. Analytics Workbench enables agile analytics, by providing capabilities of Data discovery, Wrangling, Model building, Model Management, Model Consumption, Visualization and Workflow management in an integrated platform to accelerate the data science life cycle

With Infosys Analytics Workbench, organizations can reverse the equation and spend only 20% on data acquisition and 80% in pure analytical modeling and insights

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The platform has a data platform at its core, providing capabilities of data discovery, wrangling, analytical modelling, Model management and visualization, augmenting the data platform to deliver self-service capabilities.


Challenges & Solutions

Use a platform that provides self-service analytics

Reverse the 80 to 20 pyramid, by spending 80% time on analytics & 20% on data acquisition

Invest in the right tools to derive value from data