The Power of AI in Customer Service With Anoop Kumar

With more emerging technology, how can customers brace for the change? Hear from Anoop Kumar on how businesses can harness the power of AI technology to improve customer experiences.

To deliver the right solutions for customers, businesses need the right data and AI tools to track customer preferences and improve continuously. Technology such as ChatGPT has paved the way for companies to start experimenting with generative AI, but what are the negative impacts associated with this adoption, and do customers want to interact with something like an AI chatbot?

This month, Anoop Kumar, AVP, Senior Principal Technology Architect, Digital Experience at Infosys, joins the show to talk about the power of emerging AI technology.

Listeners will learn:
  • How customers can brace for these technological changes.
  • The security precautions to beware of.
  • The impact AI technology will have on businesses in the coming years.

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