Digital Commerce

Infosys Digital Commerce Practice offers end-to-end services to transform the way enterprises engage, transact and service their customers in today’s multi-channel landscape. We are helping enterprises in the fast-changing world of shopping by bringing together the right expertise, experience, scale and vigor to help our customers adapt to the rapidly changing customer demands in the omni-channel commerce space.

Digital Commerce

How we can help

Helping enterprises to deploy best-in-class, omnichannel commerce capabilities by driving scaled growth and value

How can I manage my enterprise data?


Using real-time behavioral data and advanced AI, we help retailers provide specific and more relevant content, product, and service information to every user

How do I guarantee data assurance?

Direct to Consumer

We help create digital, at-home, low-touch options across both sales and service journeys

How do I protect my enterprise from cyber-attacks?

Conversational Commerce using AI/ML

Driving businesses through real-time contextual customer conversations using AI/ML/NLP technologies, creating opportunities for end-to-end operational efficiency

Our Offerings

Digital Commerce offerings to scale digital agility

WWe offer end-to-end Digital Commerce services which transform the way our clients engage and transact with their customers in today’s multi-channel landscape. Infosys has invested in solution accelerators, frameworks and tools that work in concert to help optimize the quality of performance and synergy across the various stages of a Digital Commerce transformation program.