The Role of Delivery Management With Divya Kandikatti

What do organizations miss if they don’t have a delivery team? How are delivery teams instrumental to an organization?

During this episode, Divya Kandikatti joins the show to speak more about delivery management and how she engages with potential clients on their transformation journey while helping them make the right decisions.

About Divya Kandikatti:
Divya is Senior Vice President for Global Delivery at Blue Acorn iCi. In her 8 years at the company, Divya has built a Business Analysis group, led the Project Management office, and was instrumental in the success of various client transformation journeys. Currently, she partners with Infosys to tap into the global talent pool to provide the best value to brands.

Listeners will learn:

  • What a delivery team does and why these teams are important to an organization.
  • The opportunities brands are missing out on when they don’t have a delivery team.

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