Infosys Digital Interactions

Customer expectations are evolving fast, fuelled by innovation and disruptive technology. They are demanding engaging and immersive experiences that are driven by hyper personalization. Becoming a digital enterprise would involve narrating the customer journey, identifying right moments of truth, crafting the right experience design and converting it into immersive engagement at all points of interaction.

We have aligned our offerings with the key Digital Transformation needs of our clients:

Experience Transformation
Organizations are looking at transforming the experiences by leveraging the right context and data and converting it into immersive engagement and providing seamless hyper-personalized, omni-channel experience. While there is huge emphasis on experience design, it is extremely critical to engineer these designs meticulously and digitize the core to achieve the desired vision. We offer a robust experience orchestration across the evolving UI technologies leveraging our “UI workbench” that uniquely solves the UI engineering problems encountered during experience transformation all the while enhancing the time-to-market and making it future proof.

Digitizing the Core
Enterprises need to re-imagine the business processes leveraging digital and mobile technologies, fundamentally changing how they operate and deliver value and frictionless experience to customers. This continuous innovation demands the enterprises to try out new propositions fast, identify new ways of engagement, integrate them with the enterprise architecture, and ensure a smooth enterprise-wide adoption. Infosys Digital Interactions practice offers the complete spectrum of solutions from concept to execution backed by ready to use solutions and accelerators like Content Digitization, Mobile POS and Rapid Prototyping solution to ensure that organizations can rapidly iterate and jumpstart the reimagining process.

Disrupting the Business Model>
Standards are being shaken and norms nullified as digital disruption spreads. There is a high demand for organizations to adopt new digital technologies and platforms. Digital-ready enterprises are those that are continuously investing in reinventing their businesses from the core including processes and systems, with as much enthusiasm as their customer touch points and journeys.

Infosys Marketplace solution is a just-in-time, demand and supply marketplace, intended to help enterprises tackle uberization of digital commodities. It acts as a catalyst to create quick, scalable, adaptable, and configurable Digital Marketplaces with a reach on mobile channels and web channels. Our platform based solution is Mobile First, Cloud Ready and built for global deployments.